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KiniSys Electric Bikes

020 8953 7642 or 07990 076330


In the beginning, we bought bikes from chosen distributors and converted these bikes to electric, but we also realized that cyclists wanted a little more from their buying experience.

So we then started to build our electric bikes to suit our customers wishes by adding features and benefits with components they wanted, such as upgrading front forks or hydraulic disc brakes rather than cable disc brakes and so on......

We then went a little further and bought varieties of different frames both in size and shape such as folding bikes, mountain bike frames and a variety of step through frames as well as fat tyre frames.



Mass Produced or Bespoke

Mass production, also known as flow production or continuous production, is the production of large amounts of standardized products, including and especially on assembly lines.


Together with job production and batch production, it is one of the three main production methods.

Mass production involves making many copies of products, very quickly, using assembly line techniques to send partially complete products to workers who each work on an individual step, rather than having a worker work on a whole product from start to finish.


KiniSys Electric Bikes ultimate in-house personalization service, enabling customers to own bespoke bodied one-offs based on modern electric bike designs.

Engineering and design approved by you.

The choice is yours